Functions FAQ

What is the capacity?

90 comfortably, with a maximum of 120. Stand up only. Also note that the space can look empty for functions of less than 40 people.

Can we do sit down dinners?

No, as the space doesn’t lend itself well to sit down. On special requests only would we consider a sit down event.

 Can I decorate the space?

Yes, you can decorate the place as required provided all decorations are down by the end of the function.

What time can I access the space?

The space can be accessed anytime from 5pm for set up. A small labour fee may apply to provide early access. Cakes etc can be dropped off anytime between 8am and 4pm.

Is there a cost to hire?

No, but there is a minimum spend of $4000 (food, beverage and deposit combined). Approximately 50+ guests will usually reach the minimum spend.

Can I BYO my own alcohol and food?


What time can my function start?

Earliest is 7pm. Earlier on request.

Can I have a DJ or live music?

Strictly no DJ or live music due to our permit and licence. You may play your own iPod via our amplifier, We have 4 internal speakers and 2 external speakers

What is the latest time my function can go until?

We are licenced until 12pm / midnight

Can I bring my own cake?

Yes. A cakeage fee of $2.50 per person will only apply if we are required to cut the cake. We suggest BYO plastic plates and forks if you want to minimse this cost.

Can I open a TAB for drinks?

Yes, and it is to be settled at the end of the night. You can put as little or as much money on the tab as you like provided the minimum spend is met.